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Are hidden portals

Question asked by nihmbrisby on Jun 10, 2014
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Are hidden portals & calcs evaluated?


     I have lots of portals on some of my layouts.  Are these portals evaluated (and thus impacting performance/page load/ WAN load) if they are not visible?  What about unstored calculations? The four things on my layouts that 'hide' portals/calcs are (in order of prevalence):

  1.           Slide menus
  3.           Pop ups
  5.           "Hide object when"
  7.           Tabs

     The only mention I found in the filemaker help was this:

Unstored calculation fields will only be evaluated if the field appears to the user on the layout.  In order to improve performance, fields hidden by other objects or drawn at only 1 by 1 pixel may not evaluate when loading the layout.