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    Are portals scable to print?



      Are portals scable to print?


      I have a membership list bill that I need to print and mail with invoices.

      I have figured out how to get the portal on the page to show all the memberships per group, and even have them sorted by rate Smile

      But I can only get about 50 rows to fit vertically within the printable area... and I have some groups with 100s of memberships.

      My novice work-around right now is 3 columns/portals of 50 rows (I don't have any groups right now that have more than 150 of any one membership type) on several copies of the List Bill Layout, each with different variables set for the portals. But it's waaay fugly and hard to read.

      Is there a way to get a portal to scale when printed - as in: adding or  subtracting rows as needed to show just the rows with actual content - AND then add a  second or third page if needed?

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          There's a section of the position tab in the Inspector called Sliding and Visibility that can be used to set a portal to slide up, also resize enclosing part. With those two options selected, you can make your portal 150 rows tall and it will shrink to just the number of rows that actually contain data when you print, preview or PDF a report.

          There is, however, a better way than using a portal. You might create a copy of the invoices starter solution and study how it prints an invoice. The invoice is printed from a layout based on the line items table with fields from the invoice table added to the header and footer. This option offers far more flexibility for printing out invoices or bills where the total number of entries vary a lot.

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            Thanks! I'll go play with the Invoices Starter.

            In the first option though, if the portal is set to slide up, what happens if there are more rows than will fit without stretching the enclosing part longer than what will print on one page? Will FM actually add a second page (like it does in the reports) and then restart the portal again where it left off? I should probablly go find out before I start asking more.

            Thanks Phil, you are always a great help!

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              It only shrinks it won't "stretch" that's one of the reason to avoid using a portal when printing unless you can be sure that there will never be more records then there are rows in the portal.

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                Ah, makes sense since you have to tell the portal how many rows there will be when you initially set it up.

                Thanks again :)