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Are There Any Alternatives to Multiple Repeating Conditional Lists to Do This?

Question asked by KerillEzzy on Aug 3, 2012
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Are There Any Alternatives to Multiple Repeating Conditional Lists to Do This?


I am just above novice on FMPro and am running 12.

I am currently buidling an Archive Tracking DB for theatrical performances. The DB needs multiple fields that allow for the alterations in the show according to technical and artistic faults and errors. Often there are up to 10 different reasons for a show to be modified. Theses events can also occur on their own or in any combination

So far, I have set up one conditinoal value list that allows for a breakdown of Department in one field and then Fault/Modification in the second field.

The issue is that I need to use the same Departments and same Faults/Modification in a series of 9 more field pairs as I have already set up and then set up a search that allows the end user to be able to search for a specific combination

I know that it is not efficient to have to set up a further 9 tables to repeat the information in order to make 9 more conditional value lists that are identical to the first one that I have created but I can't seem to see any other way around doing what I need to do. This would also mean that the user, if adding faults etc would need to remember to duplication that in all the tables which is hardly efficient and naturally leaves a lot open to human error.

I am hoping I am making sense here but I have looked on this forum and on others and don't seem to see anyone who has the same issue or perhaps they just word their query better.

As an aside, I also know that I will probably have to set up a specific search so that they can do what they want to do to search for a multiple fault/modification scenario.

Any advise that anyone is most welcome.Undecided