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Are these Recovery Results good or not so good?

Question asked by Contour on Oct 21, 2009
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Are these Recovery Results good or not so good?


I have a single-user FMP 10 database running on a PC under WinXP SP3.  It's been in use for a few months and doesn't exhibit any unusual behaviours.  But I decided to run a Recover operation as a verification of its general health.  It produced the following:

Recovery results:
     File block: scanned and rebuilt 3788 blocks, dropped 0 invalid data blocks.
     Schema: scanned fields and tables, 0 items modified.
     Sturcture: scanned, 3 items modified.
     File indexes: rebuilt.

 There were three pairs of entries in layout section of the Recover.log indicating:
"Reset table view"
"This item changed"

But there is no clear indication what the messages  refer to.  So how is a person to know whether the Recover solved a problem or whether it's indicating possible underlying problems?  As a further test, I opened the database and it operated normally.  I then closed it and ran another Recover on it.  That Recover reported "Recover built a new database without detecting any problems.   The new database is safe to use."

Any insight to this issue will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.