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    Are you using PHP Site Asst to publish to your iPhone?



      Are you using PHP Site Asst to publish to your iPhone?


      Are you publishing your FileMaker Pro databases to your iPhone using the new PHP Site Asst in FileMaker Server? If so, we want to know all about it. Send your details to filemakerpr@filemaker.com. Thanks.

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             Now I wish I had FileMaker Server. :( I'm the IT guy for our company and the only FM user. I'm currently using FM Pro 9, and syncing to my iPhone using FMTouch. It works really well once I got it tweaked up the way I wanted. I am so curious about this now though. ;) Time for some research!
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            I just came here after receiving a Filemaker email that announced the functionality of putting Filemaker data on the iPhone.


            In fact, yesterday I bought the iPhone Bento application and plan to use it with Bento files.


            However, I'm very disappointed having found out now that in order to use FMP 10 databases in the iPhone I have to purchase Filemaker server. How come?


            Is there any valid reason why Filemaker (the company) can't produce an equivalent and affordable iPhone application like the one it did for Bento? Please explain.


            I don't have any need for Filemaker Server, nor the funds to purchase it, and it would be difficult to justify to the higher-ups getting Filemaker Server just for this.  However, I would benefit greatly from access to some specific FMP10 data on the iPhone, something I can't do using the Bento iPhone application as far as I can see right now.


            In fact, while on the subject of FMP vs. Bento, it would be marvelous if Filemaker (the company) could one day produce a viable way of transferring databases from Bento to Filemaker Pro, back and forth. Maybe that could be a way to bypass the need to purchase Filemaker Server for those with FMP databases that don't need the greater functionality of the server version.


            Please help, but in the meantime many thanks for the Bento iPhone app.




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              I second the request for a Filemaker for iPhone application.  


              The Bento ap is lame and crashes when I try and set up a field with choices on the iPhone anyway.  Plus it supports too few calcs.  It is so like a 0.7 release, not even a real 1.0. Besides, why, as a FMP 3,5,6, 8.5,9,10 owner should I have to buy Bento just to be able to use the iPhone with FM???????


              I would like to hear form the company...

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                I agree that they should add the ability to port to iPhone thru all their applications. Users are to varied on their database needs in choice of Bento, FMP, FMP Adv, and FMP Server. It is really silly for them to only put it on Bento and Server at both ends of the spectrum. I could almost see understand if it was Server only because of certain server features that made it possible. So they should make it available to all products.


                Personal opinion...they should buy out the people that developed FMTouch . That iPhone app does come at a cost though. However, it is probably one of the very few that is worth the money if you are a big database user and really need to go mobile. It is a very well written, and smooth application. I have a huge database holding all our IT assets, user info, wireless accounts, software licensing, etc. I can add or make edits on the road or at remote offices. Then when I get back it will sync up my changes across our WiFi. Check it out. It will fill any needs until Filemaker decides to make it a built-in feature at least.

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                     Can you put it on the ipod as well or just the iphone?
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                       It is for the iPhone or iTouch.
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                      can you run scripts?


                      yes, i know, i know...read the documentation. 

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                      • The ability to run multiple related FileMaker databases on your iPhone / iPod Touch
                      • Sync with FileMaker locally via WiFi or with FileMaker Server Advanced (Windows)
                      • Take your FileMaker database with you securly everywhere you go. FMTouch secures and encrypts your database with 128 bit encryption.
                      • Instantly create .csv reports and PDF reports of found record sets
                      • FMTouch enables you to capture signatures, record audio and insert images into container fields
                      • FMTouch enables you to run scripts, perform calculations, edit, delete, create and find records
                      • Display portals, images, layout objects, container fields, value lists and more
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                          mnspeedracer (and others):


                          I don't know why Bento for iPhone/iPod touch is crashing on your device.  This should not happen.  Can you tell me more about the size of your Library (table)?  How many fields?  Any other information you can provide that may help me narrow down the possible causes.


                          Here is some background that you may find helpful.  We have provided a free 30-day trial of FileMaker Pro on our web site.  When you download, we ask for your email address, and then email you the download link.  20 or so days later, we send you a follow-up email trying to get you to purchase FileMaker Pro.  This is a standard marketing strategy that I'm sure you can understand.  Our Marketing department noticed that a large percentage of people were not purchasing FileMaker Pro, so they sent them another email asking why.  The responses were that FileMaker was overkill for what they wanted to accomplish, and most of these users were either home users or small business operators.  For example, I have developed many FileMaker financial solutions (don't blame me for the banking problems), and at home, I use FileMaker Pro to keep track of my music collection, which can be debated as overkill.  Anyway, because of these lost customer replies, Bento was born.  Bento only works on Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) and integrates with Address Book, iCal and Apple Mail.  Users can now keep information in one place, and link information (manually) from these other Apple applications.


                          All of you, as FileMaker Pro users, will find Bento extremely limited.  It does not have any scripting abilities, the functions are minimal (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), and all relationships are done manually; not via a "key" field.


                          On the Bento forum, users have been pushing the limits of Bento, and have moved to FileMaker Pro.  There are several people on this forum now who used to be on the Bento forum.  FileMaker Pro 10 now gives you the ability to import the Bento database file directly, rather than exporting to a comma-separated or tab-separated file before importing into FileMaker Pro.


                          Since FileMaker Pro 10 contains so much more than Bento, having Bento read a FileMaker Pro file would be difficult; mainly because of the calculation functions and Summary fields (which Bento does not have).  You can export as a comma-separated, tab-delimited or merge file (recommended because it contains the field names) and then Bento can import that file.


                          On the Bento forum, the number one suggestion from users was for Bento to work on the iPhone.  This is our first endeavor on the iPhone platform, and it is being watched very closely by management.  We are getting some very good reviews (along with a few bad ones), and the forum users are providing several excellent suggestions.


                          So, I know that doesn't answer why FileMaker Pro isn't on the iPhone, but I thought I would provide you some information.  Right now, you are limited to the third-party application FMTouch, or use Custom Web Publishing using PHP (only available via FileMaker Server) to publish your data to the iPhone (and our Public Relations department would like to talk to these users - the reason for this thread).


                          I hope some of this information helps.



                          FileMaker, Inc. 

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                            Thanks for the detailed description of the Bento background.

                            My main beef stems from the fact that I want to use the iPhone for data entry.  I realize that I can do that to some extent with the Bento solution.  However, to purchase, have on my computer, manage the bridging role of Bento and ti's updates of one more program seems, well, ridiculous.  I already own almost every version of FMPro, so why should I now buy Bento for functionality that seems reasonable to expect from FMPro.

                            I look forward to a bit more flexibility of FMPro on the iPhone.  Based on my trying the Bento iPhone solution, it seems to me that the resources spent so far are probably quite limited, and hooking it up to FMPro might only be a modest increase in these efforts.


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                                 I'm still trying to figure out why Filemaker canned "Mobile"?  I know, I know, Filemaker + Apple = hard-cold-cash and if Filemaker isn't supporting iPhone then...but hey, I'm still in Treo 700p mode because ATT service is horrible.  I need the connection, yeah the iPhone was indeed anointed by Be-Jesus but when you can't make a call, it's just another paper weight.  What happened to Mobile?  Now I've got to pruchase Filemaker Server 10?  Figure out what PHP is all about?  I don't know, it just doesn't seem like the "rest of us" anymore.