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    Arial bold looks too bold



      Arial bold looks too bold


      Our databases are used on Win and Mac, so we decided to use Arial as standard font for printing. Since we updated from FM8 to FM9, the bold Arial fonts look extremely bold on Mac (screen & printed).




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          Howdy Macintron,


          Thanks for the post.


          I run a combined Mac/PC network as well.  Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you...the Arial is pretty blocky when made bold.  If it's just a style thing for you, try "Arial Bold" font.  It's a little more like the MSWord "Arial" font when in Bold.


          There are plenty of other PC/Mac shared fonts as well.  We tend to use Arial, Arial Bold, Times New Roman, Geneva and Helvetica (not all printers play with Helvetica nicely).


          Since I didn't see a question, I won't try to answer one...but know at least that your eyes are correct.

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               On FM8, Arial bold looked OK, but on FM9 it looks 'bold of bold'