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    Arial Typeface PC/Mac



      Arial Typeface PC/Mac


      Hi Guys,

      The IMS system I have set-up is being used on both PC and Mac. Printed layouts use Arial. However on the PC a tiny amount of the bottom of a line of type is being cut off by the box holding the type. Everything is perfect on the Mac. I presume this is a difference between the Arial typeface on the 2 operating systems. Is there a quick fix for this. I don't really want to have to adjust every print layout.

      Thanks in advance


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          In an earlier version upgrade (9 to 10 or 10 to 11, don't remember) I had other Arial troubles cross platform. I finally gave up and got rid of Arial in the databases. Ironic, as I was told once many years ago that Arial was created to replace Helvetica and be more cross platform consistent.

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            This is not unique to any one font. Windows systems require a bit more horizontal and vertical space to display the same text when compared to a Mac system.

            Best practice would be to design your layouts on a Windows system and then check them on a Mac. This usually avoids the need for "tweaks" because going from "more space required" to less space required isn't likley to crop some text or cause it to wrap to a new line unexpectedly.

            Be advised that this is even more of a problem when designing for FM GO. I routinely enable sharing on my development machine and use iOS devices to connect as clients of the DB during layout design changes so that I can quickly adjust layouts when text fails to display correctly.

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              Oh, this is disappointing. FM don't mention this anywhere in their documentation. I presumed everything was successfully cross platform. I'm a bit of a Mac Addict and don't even own a PC, it pains me to have to start developing on a PC. 

              Is there any other way around this, other than having to adjust 20+ layouts?

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                Not as far as I know. This is the most immediately obvious difference. There are a few others such as the awful "window inside a window" system of window management found on windows systems. You really do have to test your design on both machines. 

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                  You don't have to buy a PC, you can buy software such as Parallels and you have to also purchase Windows. It beats having to keep up with two machines.