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    Arrange records on a map



      Arrange records on a map


           I'm not sure what you would call this so I haven't been able to search much. I'm making a solution for a truck rental. The only thing I'm having some trouble with is one page I need to basically be a map of the parking lot. Then have all the truck numbers placed in boxes in the lot where the trucks are. The boxes would be either white (just came in) red (broken) or yellow (ready). Now I could change the colors with conditional formatting, but how would I get separate records from the "Trucks" table to be shown laid out according to their "Location" field. The "map" would basically be just drawing with the shape of the lot with boxes for each parking space.

           Also would there be any easy way to handle arranging the trucks (fields) on the page. Is there a way to drag-and-drop the numbers to a different location on the map? If anyone needs help visualizing what I'm looking for let me know and I can draw it out and attach an image.

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               This has been discussed a few times here. One poster has a map of "slips" where vessels can be moored. I have a map of zipcode regions in one of my Db's that counts the total customer receipts for each zipcode...

               Put a one row portal--typically a filtered portal with invisible borders on top of a form view  layout that shows your parking lot. Position each portal over a different parking spot. If each spot is assigned a number and your truck records have a field for recording this number, your filter can filter out all related truck records save the one with the correct parking space number.


                    Is there a way to drag-and-drop the [truck] numbers to a different location on the map?

               Drag from What layout object? A portal? It's not impossible, but more typical value lists such as a drop down list might be much simpler to implement.