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Art Inventory to Artist website

Question asked by TrishMeyer on Mar 18, 2013
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Art Inventory to Artist website


     I have Filemaker 12 Pro, and have been creating basic databases with Filemaker for 20 years (emphasis on "basic"). I create websites in Dreamweaver and Wordpress (trying to learn more PHP) and know CSS well.

     I'm transitioning from the world of computer graphics to fine art, and plan to create an Inventory of Artwork in Filemaker. However, I also need to build a new website for my fine art business.

     In the Inventory database I will be creating fields for the "core info" of Title, Size, Medium, Description, and Photo (as well as others that are not needed on the website).

     For the website, I would like to use the same "core" fields. I know there is a way to have the website take the information from Filemaker's database, but I have no idea where to start!

     I would prefer the website NOT to look like a "form"; I hope to be able to style the Title, Size, etc. using CSS.

     This will not be a high-traffic site with thousands of entries to manage. Think a few dozen paintings a year, but now is the time to create something that will save me time in the long run (I hope!).

     If anyone could point me in the right direction and tell me what I need to learn next, I'd very much appreciate it. (I see Filemaker Server listed for $600 upgrade fee, but hoping I can do this with exporting fields from Filemaker 12?)

     By the way, if any entrepreneur out there wants to write a Filemaker DB that integrates with a Wordpress Premium Theme (like a WooTheme or Genesis theme) there is a huge need for such a system. There is a long thread on Linked In about tracking your art inventory and every artist is duplicating their efforts by inputting data into tracking software (Bento, Filemaker, Excel, Numbers or any number of online art tracking software apps in the cloud) - but then they have to re-enter it into their website's gallery. It would need to be easy to use though - most artists are right-brained folk!

     If it's possible to do this easily with Filemaker 12 and Wordpress, then the word needs to get out!