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    Asset and Fleet Management Reminder Scripts



      Asset and Fleet Management Reminder Scripts


      Hi there,

      I'm new to FMP and working on setting up a fleet management db for the company I work for.

      This is a mid-sized trucking company with about 100 vehicles and 100 pieces of equipment. The paper filing system has grown too cumbersome and inefficient.

      I've looked at third party software and can't find anything that suits our needs, or that I would feel comfortable in dealing with on a subscription basis.

      What I would like to do is build this in FMP and deploy to staff and managers in FM Go.

      One area I'm stuck in, is in writing reminder scripts. I would like to have FM send an email reminder when vehicle service, licensing or registration is coming due. Ideally I would like the script to send an email or iCal reminder one week prior.

      If you can lend some advice with reminder scripts, I would very much appreciate it.


      Thank you!


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               First, you'll need to be able to perform this script at least once a day. If you host this file from FileMaker Server, a Server Schedule can perform this script and use an SMTP email server to send out the reminder emails. If you don't host from server, you can set up a script to do this that runs every time you open the file on a specific computer or use a "robot file" opened from an OS based scheduler to perform this script on a daily basis.

               The script would need to be able to perform a find for all such events that are:

               a) coming due
               b) have not already been used to send out a reminder

               a) is a matter of setting up critieria to find records with a certain date or range of dates. b) is a matter of "marking" the record by setting a value in a field and using find criteria that then omits records that have been "marked" in this fashion to keep from sending out unnecessary repeat reminders.