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Asset bookings

Question asked by MusicAndPerformingArtsDept on Aug 11, 2013
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Asset bookings


     Hi peoples. 

     I have a basic database with 3 tables: Assets, Contacts and History. Currently, a contact can borrow multiple assets, creating a history record with contact ID, time / date in / out and asset ID. To borrow equipment contacts scan their ID card, then multiple asset bar codes. This seems to work quite well. 

     I would really like to add the ability to book equipment in advance but I am unsure of the best way of doing this, as one contact will often borrow up to 25 assets in one instance. I have looked at the way the invoice templates work, but a value list does not seem to be viable when there are well over 500 asset records. I am open to any suggested methods of adding the ability to book equipment.