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Asset Code based on fields and serial

Question asked by AmjadMiandad on Jul 31, 2013
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Asset Code based on fields and serial


     Hi friends,


     I'm working on a database for our Asset management. Below please have a look on fields and sample data


     Asset Code: ---------------

     Asset Name: Laptop

     Asset Type: computers

     Asset Model: Insprion N5050

     Asset Category: IT Equipments

     Project: School Safety Program

     Donor: My Donor Pvt. Ltd.

     Now what we want is the auto asset code to be created using abbreviation from the data of some fields and at the end auto number 0001 , 0002 , 0003, 0004, 0005 (separate series for every Asset Type, i.e. laptops, scanners, etc)


     Now have a look on actual asset code so you may understand what sort of abbrevation I taken from the data mentioned in above fields.


     The abbreviation could be random pick from entered data in the field with any calculation.

     Please note that ABCD will remain constant in my case it is RDPI/  Projects short name / donors major or short name or abbreviation/ four alphabates from item category /four alphabates from item name/serial number