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    Asset Management Website



      Asset Management Website



      I would like ot know if I can use FileMaker to design a website where my clients, can enter a secure web page, and query their payment history, contracted payment schedule, payoff balance on the day, or on a specified day, download second copies of monthly payment invoice, etc.

      Would anyone know if this product could work...or how I might go about this?


      Many thanks

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          It's certainly possible. FileMaker databases can be published to the web via Instant or Custom Web publishing.

          Whether or not YOU can do it with FileMaker is a question we can't answer. You might want to download the 30 day free trial and see what you can do with it. You'll find that a PDF on web publishing is downloaded with the trial and which can be accessed from the documents sub menu in Help. (You can also click the download link at the top of the screen to get (eventually) to a screen where you can download just this PDF without having to download the trial.)