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Assign Same ID Number to Multiple Cases and Getting Found Set List

Question asked by Jerten81 on Mar 26, 2009
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Assign Same ID Number to Multiple Cases and Getting Found Set List


I have two problems I'm looking for help with both coming from the same scenario.  For the sake of an example let's say I have a database of NFL players and I want to send an email regarding all players in a current found set.  I want to be able to automatically assign a serial number "EMAIL ID" to each player in the found set i.e. my found set contains the players Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and I want to send an email to regarding both.  Is there a way that I can automatically assign the same ID number to all records in a given found set?  Secondly, I'm having a problem getting the email itself formatted the way I want it.  I want the email to look like the below example:



Tom Brady

Peyton Manning


\\Email Text\\



I have no problem pulling the email text from a global field but i can not figure out how to list the entries in a found set as formatted above.  I've tried using the List(Fieldname) function but it only lists the current record when I use this i.e. just Tom Brady.  When I tried to modify it to use a related table i.e. List(Related::Fieldname) it lists all values in the field and not just the ones from the found set.  Is there a way I can get a list of the players in the current found set listed one after the other with carraige returns as above?