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assigning a button to a container file

Question asked by Andrewkelly on Oct 15, 2012
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assigning a button to a container file


     I have recently started a project on filemaker pro 11 .  I think this would be easier in filemaker 12 but my company wont upgrade yet. ive got all my layouts sorted and on one of the pages i have five buttons ready and waiting .

     In a table connected to that form i have five catorgories, i have on row , so each column has one field .

     I changed these in to container types and in to each one loaded ( as reference ) the relevenat excel file into each.

     In table view i can double click and it opens.

     But my users wont have table view. I want the button to just act as a hyper link to the file so you can change data save and close.

     Eventually i then want it to import back into Filemaker the contents of said excell upon closing.


     if anyone could help me wioth this i would be sooooooo gratefull.

     its starting to do my nut in ......but i know it can be done