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    assigning a button to a container file



      assigning a button to a container file


           I have recently started a project on filemaker pro 11 .  I think this would be easier in filemaker 12 but my company wont upgrade yet. ive got all my layouts sorted and on one of the pages i have five buttons ready and waiting .

           In a table connected to that form i have five catorgories, i have on row , so each column has one field .

           I changed these in to container types and in to each one loaded ( as reference ) the relevenat excel file into each.

           In table view i can double click and it opens.

           But my users wont have table view. I want the button to just act as a hyper link to the file so you can change data save and close.

           Eventually i then want it to import back into Filemaker the contents of said excell upon closing.


           if anyone could help me wioth this i would be sooooooo gratefull.

           its starting to do my nut in ......but i know it can be done


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               If you can open the file by double clicking the field in table view, then you should also be able to double click the field in form and list view.

               Thus, the rest of what I am posting may not be needed in your specific case.

               There are two script steps that can be assigned to your buttons to open the contents of a container field in the current record:

               Go to field [Select/Perform ; table::ContainerField ]


               Export Field contents [Table::field ; "filename"; automatically open]

               The first option is exactly the same as double clicking the container field and will only open the file if double clicking will open the file. The second option always opens the file, but does so by opening a new copy of the file with a name and location specified in the script step. If the user modifies the file while it is open, the changes they make to the file are saved back to this new copy and the next person to open the file by clicking your button won't see those steps unless the new copy of the file is re-inserted back into the container field.

               How you insert the file will determine whether or it can be opened by double clicking. In fileMaker 11, only two methods produce something where double clicking the field will open the file. Either it is inserted using Insert File with the "store a reference" option selected. Or Insert Object (Windows only) was used. (Drag and drop from outside of FileMaker in windows is the same as Insert Object in FileMaker 11.)

               Please also note that Insert Object and the OLE technology that it uses is not supported in FileMaker 12.

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                 excellent thank you very much thats solved my problem perfectly . i can now double click my excel files from my fancy layout :) and with a import button under neath its working very very nicely .

                 Just out of curiosity do you rate filemaker as then best software available for the balance of data crunching power to viusal lauout potential.

                 i do like filemaker but it dosnt seem to have the visual aspects im looking for :/  things like button styles and design novelties?

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                   Not sure what you mean by 'novelties', but you can use basically any button or icon you like.  If you have a favourite set of icons you want to use, feel free.  Just assign the script to them as you did here.

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                     just a larger collection of styles , fancier drop downs and colours ,maybe form animations  frames and icons and button sets .

                     is there any plugins for these layout resources ?

                     i think that might be a bit of my league at the miniute, however your esentially saying any *.ico file for example can be scripted in ?

                     so filemaker with the know how really can be become a very versitile programming tool ?

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                       For example, you can use the buttons and icons here.  From DavidAnders:






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                         splendid :) your a living legend my freind is it ok in the furture to come on this thread and pick your brains for anything else ?