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Assigning a number to a text drop-down list

Question asked by FileMakerCustomerFileMakerCustomer_2 on Mar 3, 2013
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Assigning a number to a text drop-down list


     Dear All

     I am a doctor and new to Filemaker (just bought Filmaker Advanced 12 and am feeling a little overwhelmed!) I get the feeling I'm going to be on here a lot. I really want to use Filemaker in my day-to-day medical audit process.


     I use a lot of scoring systems (APACHE II) where each option in a text field is assigned a number. For example, the following entires for age: 

     < 60


     > 70

     areall assigned a score of, respectively, 1, 2, and 4.

     This a recurrent theme in my work. 

     What is the best way of doing this?


     Really greatful for any help!