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Assigning calculation

Question asked by mikesmith1949 on Jun 13, 2010
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Assigning calculation


Hi I'm new to Filemaker and have just created a database (healthscreening) I have created a section called 'risk factors' where there are several check box buttons. I want to be able to add up the check boxes to create a total score, eg if 5 check boxes are ticked that results in a score of 5 (ie each check box = 1) or if they are not ticked this results in a score of 0, similarily if 3 are ticked this is a score of 3.


I can do it for one check box easily by using the "if is empty field" which assigns it a value of 1 when ticked. But how do I add up all the check boxes to give me a total, can't figure it out!!!


I am using filemaker pro advanced 11.0v.1