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assigning committees to a member vs. assigning members to a committee

Question asked by TerryCoolidge on Jul 29, 2011
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assigning committees to a member vs. assigning members to a committee



I have a table for member records and a table for committee records.  Right now my method of establishing committee assignments is a layout that displays member records with a check-box list for the various committees.  I move from member record to member record and check the appropriate boxes.  However, there may be instances when it would be far easier to pull up a layout listing committee records, and then populate a particular committee with names from the member records.  We're talking about hundreds of members and only about 20 or so committees.

How best to create this second option of populating a committee with members?  When entering member names, it would be nice to actually pull from the existing member records so that we're not creating new names due to misspellings that don't match existing records.  Drop-down menus and pop-up lists seem impractical because of the number of members.

My table of member records has a "Committee Assignments" field that is made up of committee names based on the check-box data entry, and I've created a "Committee Members" field in the table for committee records to prepare for entering member names over there, but beyond that I'm not sure what I should be doing.  I would definitely describe myself as a novice, although I do manage to figure some things out on my own, so I'm not completely helpless.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  Thank you!