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    assigning file directory



      assigning file directory



      I have a system created in filemaker which will help the users at our office file documents based on the type of document it is. The user will choose what type of document it is by choosing the HEADING name, CATEGORY name, FILE name, SUBFILE name. These four are ways of categorizing the document which are each picked from a drop down menu (made to work based on conditional values).

      The user will choose a HEADING, then the respective CATEGORIES show in the next dropdown which the user has to choose from and so on. All of the entries by the user will be saved on a table. Now when searching for these saved entries every HEADING, CATEGORY, FILE, SUBFILE will help the user locate the physical document in our filing cabinets. They will also choose from a set of radio buttons another location criteria (whether the document is in the storage room, or if its stored in the Board Room, or the Photocopy room, etc). All these are are like "addresses".

      So they will be printed on labels along with the physical folder. So when someone takes out the folder to view, they know where to return it to. Ex. of what a label would read: "HEADING name - CATEGORY name - FILE name - SUBFile name - Storage room".

      Now the full HEADING name, CATEGORY name will not be printed because it will be too long. so for example: the HEADING "Governance" would be "GOV".

      So how do I tell filemaker to put the short forms in the labels and to make such an "address" for every file? and to include the radio button selections in the "address".


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          I'm listing three different methods.

          1) You can use a calculation for this.

          Upper ( Left(Heading ; 3 ))

          Will return just the first 3 letters of Heading. You can use this same method for short forms for any of these fields as needed.

          2) You can also set up a Case Function that returns different short forms for different headings:

          Case ( Heading = "Governance" ; "GOV" ;
                    Heading = "Organization" ; "OR" ;
                    Upper ( Lef ( Heading ; 3 ) )

          This returns GOV for Governance, OR for Organization and the left 3 characters formatted as Upper case for all other values in Heading.

          3) And even more flexible approach is to set up a table of Heading names and their short forms. Then relate this table by Heading to your table and use the relationship to display your short form from the related table. This approach allows you to change/add/remove different Heading values by editing the records in this table without needing to modify a calculation defined in your database.

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            Thanks that helps. Now where would it save all this info? and how would i tell it to combine the short form for HEADING, CATEGORY, FILE, SUBFILE into one line which can be printed on labels?

            Also would this same method work for radio buttons as opposed to pop-up/drop downs?


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              The method works as long as only one value may be entered into any given field (Don't use check box groups).

              This can be a calculation field and you can either use a single calculation field that combines all the short forms into a single string of text:

              Left ( "HEADING name ; 3 ) & "-" & Left ( CATEGORY name ; 3 ) & "-" & Left ( FILE name ; 3 ) & "-" & Left ( SUBFile name ; 3 )

              Or you can use individual calculation fields for each part of this "address" and then combine them on the layout as merge text:

              <<Short Heading calc>> - <<Short Category calc>> - <<Short File calc>> - <<Short SUBFile calc>>

              See the Merge Field option that appears in the Insert Menu when you are in Layout mode for how to set this up.