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Assigning formula for calculating a field

Question asked by dss on Jul 8, 2009
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Assigning formula for calculating a field


Hi everybody,


i have a problem specifying the formula for calculating a field.


The field can take either value 1 or 2.


there is main file and current file,

all the fields are same in both the files. I have made relation between these fields (a corresponding field in current and main) in such a way that when the field (which is a drop down list) in current file is changed, it automatically changes the field in main file.

Everything above said works perfectly well.

The problem is that

There is a small field beside the main field in main file which should take only numerics 1 or 2 only.


research: Yes : 1

Counseling: No : 2

this is the way they look like.

But i am unable to specify a formula for the numeric field. I tried to specify using "IF" but the values does not keep changing when i change the yes to no or viceversa