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Assigning Record ID Numbers to Records Imported Without Any

Question asked by evenstreet on Jan 5, 2010
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Assigning Record ID Numbers to Records Imported Without Any


I'm a novice using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced, although I had a FM database solution created for me by a developer. I just imported several hundred records into my database without checking to have them assigned ID numbers. All their fields are blank except one. Unfortunately, after I did this, I erringly deleted the csv file that all these came from. 


When I do a Sort by Name, these all come up as the first records alphabetically. I need to either add ID numbers to all these one at a time or export them and re-import them correctly, the latter ideally being the fastest way to correct my error. However, I can't find how to select all records with either no data in a particular field or no ID number. The ID number field for each record is always inoperative (greyed). How can I resolve this problem?




I just found my own answer. For other novices running into the same problem, what you do is do a Find, enter "=" in the ID field. All the records without an ID number appear.


Then do an Export into csv, which will export all your Found records into a csv file.


Once that's done, you can go to the Records menu and select Delete Found Records. 


Now you can re-import the csv file while making sure that your ID numbers are imported (my solution is programmed to auto-enter the IDs, so long as the auto-enter option is checked when importing, which is what I neglected to do the last time).