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    assigning records to a specific layout



      assigning records to a specific layout


           I remember seeing this before but I can't remember how to do it.

           I have a database that holds data from multiple projects and I want to assign each project to their own layout so when you enter layout 1 you only see project 1 records, when you enter layout 2 you only get project 2 records etc.

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               What problem does the specific layouts for each project solve for you?

               While that can be done, the design issues it raises can result in a lot of extra work on your part managing all these different layouts so you will be better off if you can develope a solution that does not require so many different layouts to create and maintain.

               That said, Script triggers can perfrom scripts that find only records that match specified criteria such as all records for a specific project. The OnLayoutEnter and OnModeChange triggers would both need to be used. With OnModeChange, you can perform a script automatically each time the user performs a find that constrains the found set to only records for a specified project.

               And if you have FileMaker Advanced, you can create scripts for a custom menu to be performed when the user selects menu options such as Show All Records that Show All Records for a specified project instead of all records in the table.