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Assigning sequence numbers a new value

Question asked by JustinWhite on May 7, 2012
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Assigning sequence numbers a new value


I am trying to create a field that can take a sequence number for each record and assign a new number to it so I can sort the new data.  Starting with the first sequence number (1) I need the next numbers in the sequence to be (5,9,13).  The rub is that If I have 100 records  I only need the sequence to go to (97) then starting at (2) and following the same pattern (2,6,10,14...98), then starting at (3,7,11,15...99) and lastly starting at (4,8,12,16...100).  The number or records always changes so the script/formula will have to reference the total number of records found.

So after those numbers have been assigned I would sort that field sequentially from small->large.  If everything is correct then the orginal sequence number would be in (1,26,51,76,2,27,52,77,3,28,53,78...25,50,75,100) order.

I am pretty new to FM so any help would be great.  I can do this in excel very quickly but can't seem to figure it out.


I really appreciate any guidance,