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    Assigning single employee record to multiple project records



      Assigning single employee record to multiple project records


           I started using Filemaker about a month ago to build a project management system for our office. So far it's been working great. I can use it to create projects and assign employees to them.

           I initially started by heavily modifying one of the templates and I've run into a bit of an issue. As it stands right now, there are two tables; projects and employees. When I create a new project record, I can add employees to it (via a portal) so I can keep track of who is working on it.

           When I add an employee to a project, it creates a new record in the employee table. As you can imagine, this means that I end up with duplicates if an employee is working on more than one project. 

           What I want to do is just have one employee record for each individual employee, and then link that record to multiple projects. The problem is that I don't know how to go about linking one record to multiple ones.

           Any advice would be greatly appreciated!