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Assigning Values Through Different Layouts

Question asked by DerekWeagle on Aug 15, 2013
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Assigning Values Through Different Layouts


     HI Everyone,

     I'm rather new to FileMaker (a couple days), however, I've caught on to most things pretty quickly and I'm looking to see if anyone can guide me. 

     I work for a Community Orchestra and I've created a system that will track our students (and their contact info), their attendance, and our inventory of instruments. I've created multiple databases to get the job done. See the screenshot for the databases and relationships.

     So far, I've created the student database and everything independent in that is functional. There's only a few things I'm confused about.

     1. What exactly are the purpose of the Serial Numbers and how do they function?

     2. Obviously my databases are connected in multiple ways. I want to "assign" values in different places and have them carry across databases.

  •           Assign a Student to an Ensemble (I have already entered all of the ensembles and they have serial numbers) via the Student Layout. How would this information carry over to the Enrollment Database so I have a roster to work off of for Attendance?
  •           Assign an Instrument to a Student via the Instrument Layout (via a list or indexing). How would this assignment show the Serial Number back in the Student Layout? Assigning it to a Student would also return the Ensemble name. 
  •           I read another Forum Post about how to set up an attendance system. ( I have the relationships set up aside from the database that contains the class occurences. But I'm not sure how to tie that all together on the attendance layout, or how to execute the entry. 

     3. I also created a Find button in the student layout, which just executes "Perform a Find" however, it won't match any records when I use it. Are there any further things I need to define?

     Sorry for the long list of confusion. Hope someone can help!

     Thanks in advance!