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    Assistance needed with report form



      Assistance needed with report form


      Hi All

      let me firstly say I don't code so I know that will make things difficult

      I am a paramedic and have written a patient records database

      I need to show NAME   DOB   PHONE  for patients who have been transported to hospital - I have a checkbox to say they have been transported - just need to get the NAME   DOB   PHONE on to a report and have it add to the list each time the checkbox is checked on a new patient

      can anyone assist me please


      pic shows checkbox (transported by ANSW)

      couldnt work out how to add a second image showing the report sorry 




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          For the second screen shot just add it in 'Post a new Answer'

          What happens at the end of the day,week,month?  Do you then need to clear the checkboxes?

          A simple report would be another layout with the fields you need.  You could put an OnLayoutEnter script trigger that performs a find for a value in the checkbox, sorts by last name

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            Hi Steve

            we export to XL and save at the end of each job

            I have the report layout which collects other data we want to add

            patients NAME DOB and ADDRESS to the the report

            the list needs to be ALL transports

            would appreciate any help as I do not know how to script



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              It's hard to give exact advice without understanding your structure.  Some more questions.

              1.  Can you post a pic of your relationship graph, and your dashboard layout and report layout in Layout mode? I'm specifically interested in seeing what TO the report is based.

              2.  The 'To Hospital by ANSW total, where does that number come from?

              3.  Where do you want the name, DOB & address to appear on the report? 

              I think what may be easiest is a portal at the bottom of the report layout (depending on the layout/relationship) with the fields for Name, DOB & address.  Depending on the relationship, it may be as simple as having the portal only show records where the checkbox is selected.  The problem would then be a method to clear the checkboxes (maybe after the report is submitted, maybe not.  Unfortunately this destroys historical data).  I'm kinda thinking the portal works like the typical line items model of an invoicing solutions, where you create line items (people who are being transported).

              After all of this is sorted out, a script, if needed would most likely be quite simple.