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    Assisted Install.txt help needed



      Assisted Install.txt help needed


      I hope i'm posting in the right location for help creating an automated FMP 11 install by using Assisted Install.txt.

      I have read the instructions posted at http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6951/kw/kinsfm/related/1

      and here http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7070/kw/kinsfm/session/L3NpZC9HdkFGek04aw%3D%3D

      I have modified my assisted install.txt file. I correctly edited the command line in setup.ini to allow for a silent install. However when I click setup.exe, the installer prompts for alll the information that is in my assisted install.txt file.  Does setup.ini also need to be modified to read from assisted install.txt and launch setup.exe? Setup.ini references FileMaker Pro 11.msi

      I apprectiate any help regarding this issue as I need to get this installer created as soon as possible. 



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          You might want to check this thread out. There appears to be a bug with the installer:    MSI problems

          This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bugs List here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

          It can also be downloaded as a database file from:   http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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            Thanks for your prompt reply.  The user in the post you linked to was stuck trying to automate the FileMaker Pro 11.msi installer.  The instructions I read did not mention anything about using the .msi file. I did read the network installation.pdf which stated you can automate the installation by editing the .msi with Orca or a similiar editor application. i didn't want to go that route. I may have misread the help pages, but it seems you have two optins when it comes to creating an automated installation. By using setup.exe w/assisted install.txt or FileMaker Pro 11.msi. Am I mistaken?

            Does the same bug apply to setup.exe? I posted the same question over at MSI problems. You can lock this post if needed. I will check the other post for a reply to my question.