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Associate a field with a drop-down list

Question asked by HenryMeadors on Jul 16, 2013
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Associate a field with a drop-down list


     In the form I'm creating, I have a drop-down list where the user can select from a predefined list of species. Next to that, I have a field called "SP. CODE" which is a number associated with the species name. What I want is for that field to automatically display the species number when you select a species name from the drop-down, if that makes any sense at all.


     I already have a defined value list with the species codes listed, I just need to figure out how to make the SP CODE field associate those numbers with the species names from the drop-down, and display them automatically (and, if possibly, prevent the user from being able to edit those displayed values - so as long as a species name is chosen, there MUST be a species code maybe "grey out" the field?)

     So, in a nutshell, if SPECIES X is sp. code 24, then when you select SPECIES X from the SPECIES drop-down, I want the field SP. CODE to automatically display a "greyed-out" (uneditable) "24".


     There's a screenshot attached so you can see how my form is constructed, and see where the drop-down and code field are located. I would appreciate any help!