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Associated Tables

Question asked by VSP on Oct 5, 2012
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Associated Tables & Layouts



     Can someone please explain or direct me to a simple explanation of how Associated Tables and Layouts works so that I can import all of my tables into another file? I am able to use and display all of the fields and records needed on my different layouts but when I try to import records into a Cloned file (that has been slightly modified with additional fields, revised layouts) I am limited to only import one of the tables from the original file.


     I have a Demo file with dummy records that is used for public viewing. I also make and test design changes in this Demo file. I have another file that contains Actual client records. When I create a clone of the Demo file (no records but with the revised fields and layouts) and try to import Actual client records into that Clone I am not able to import all of the tables.

     In both the Clone and Actual file, three of my tables are Demographic, Notes and Transcript which are all related by a primary key _pk_ESA_ID in the Demographic table and secondary keys _fk_ESA_ID in the Notes and Transcript tables. Three of the Layouts are Demographic, Notes and Transcript and all are Associated with the Demographic table.

     I have fields from the Demographic table (name, address, etc.) displayed on all three Layouts, but am not using a portal to do so. I input records onto the Transcript and Notes layouts while displaying the Demographic fields on the same layouts. Also, I display Transcript table fields (GPA, Graduation Year, etc.) on the Demographic layout. However, when I try to import records from the Actual file to the newly revised Clone, I can only import Demographic records. During Import Field Mapping, I am not able to select the Notes and Transcript Tables to import those records; even when using Manage Database, those tables are not selectable.

     I suspect my problem is that all of my layouts are associated with the Demographic Table but am not sure...So, I guess my questions are:

  •           When fields from different Tables are on the same Layout, what determines which Table to associate with that Layout?
  •           Since my tables are related using primary and secondary keys, must I use portals to display fields on different tables? I didn't use portals because I couldn't get the layouts to appear user friendly.


     I've read the FM online instructions and searched this and other Forums but have not found an explanation for guidelines/logic for associating tables with layouts (at least that I could understand). I've used FMProAdv 11 for about a year and have less than 2 yrs experience with simpler databases.

     Thanks in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated!