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Associating Child and Grandchild Data

Question asked by WalkerWilliams on Dec 31, 2012
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Associating Child and Grandchild Data




     I need help looking up data and associating a Record in a Parent - Grandchild relationship


     Referrer::Referral Office

     Referral Office::Referral Office Contact Data

     On a Referrer Layout I want to have a field that has a popup or dropdown menu for Company Names in Referral Office Contact Data that are related through Referral Office.  Referral Office Contact Data is an instance of Contact Data that holds Contact information for all Persons or Companies in the Database so it can't pop up with all company names for Vendors, Customers, etc.

     Once the Company Name has been chosen I want to have it autopopulate additional data from Referral Office Contact Data such as addresses and phone numbers in other fields.  It is not necessary to edit the data from Referrer to Referral Office Contact Data, but it could be nice.

     I have tried many attempts but cant make it work.  The closest I get is to view existing names but when I choose one it tries to create a new record using the same name in Referral Office Contact Data, which defeats the purpose.

     Any assistance would be appreciated.