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Associating family members - step #2

Question asked by Bonnerbl on Aug 24, 2010
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Associating family members - step #2


My problem is similar to Jayson's.

I am on F10 and FM11. Have a table of contacts. For various reasons these contacts may be related to one another. I created a relationship table that contains the record id of a contact and the record id of the related contact and the type of relationship.

When a user is viewing a contact they have a portal they can use to establish a relationship with another contact.

The issue is that users do not know the record id of the related contact in order to type it in nor do they particularly know the exact spelling of the related contact name. I want the user to be able to go to the portal, scroll through the list of existing contacts, select one, specify the type of relationship, and establish a relationsip with that contact.

Really looking for a general approach rather than a detailed solution. Am stuck on figuring out how to do the scroll through existing contacts and the select.