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Associating individual family member records together

Question asked by JaysonPakulak on Aug 24, 2010
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Associating individual family member records together


Hi.  I'm new to the forum and relatively new to using FMP 11. I've some experience and tech savvy, but I don't "live" in the world of database design (graphic designer), so I know that this question is most likely a "Database 101" question, but I could really use some help or even direction to good resources even.

I'm setting up a membership database at our church to maintain member/visitor information so we can generate reports, etc. (see included image). What I'm having a difficult time figuring out is how to associate family members together so that I can generate a church directory.  Each person no matter what age has their own record which contains a Family Code (unique to their family) and a Family ID (which is a combo of the Family Code and a unique number from 1-10).

So, how do I "connect the dots" so that I can pull Mom, Dad, and the kids all together when I create a church directory?  I know, I know... this is most likely a "well, duh!" question, but I only work on this in a limited capacity, so I could REALLY use some input/help from you database gurus out there.  Thanks so much!