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    Associating individual family member records together



      Associating individual family member records together


      Hi.  I'm new to the forum and relatively new to using FMP 11. I've some experience and tech savvy, but I don't "live" in the world of database design (graphic designer), so I know that this question is most likely a "Database 101" question, but I could really use some help or even direction to good resources even.

      I'm setting up a membership database at our church to maintain member/visitor information so we can generate reports, etc. (see included image). What I'm having a difficult time figuring out is how to associate family members together so that I can generate a church directory.  Each person no matter what age has their own record which contains a Family Code (unique to their family) and a Family ID (which is a combo of the Family Code and a unique number from 1-10).

      So, how do I "connect the dots" so that I can pull Mom, Dad, and the kids all together when I create a church directory?  I know, I know... this is most likely a "well, duh!" question, but I only work on this in a limited capacity, so I could REALLY use some input/help from you database gurus out there.  Thanks so much!


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          You need two tables, A Family table where an auto-entered serial number produces your unique family code and a Person table where you have one record for each person.

          You can link the two tables by Family Code:

          Family::FamilyCode = Persons::FamilyCode

          You can place a portal to Persons on your Family layout and use it to list all members of a given family and if you enable "Allow creation of records via this relationship" for the Persons table in this relationship, you can add family members simply by typing in the portal.

          If, thanks to modern family issues, you need to list someone as a member of more than one family, you may need a third table to serve as a "Join" table to enable you to make such links without entering the same person's information twice.