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Assorted Minor Questions

Question asked by JamesPickett on Aug 18, 2012
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Assorted Minor Questions


Some minor, unrelated questions that have arisen as I have become more familiar with Filemaker:


Multiple values for a field: For some fields that I want to contain multiple values I use check boxes pulling from a value list, but naturally a drop-down list takes much less space on the layout.  Certain fields almost always contain only a single value, but every once in a while I want them to hold multiple values.  Am I correct that manually entering the data and using a return to add a second (or more) values for the exceptions and using a drop down list for everything else essentially accomplish that goal?


Button to go to a related record: In my database I have various join tables viewed via portals.  For instance, I have a join table that shows relationships between various individuals.  I want to add a button to the table that I can click to jump me to the related record (in some cases within the same layout, in other cases to an entirely new table / layout), but am having trouble getting it to work.  Any tips are appreciated.


Layout formatting:  Is there a way to cut and paste layout styles (i.e. font, formatting, etc.) they way you can in Excel?\


Restricting a value-list pull: Often for drop-down lists I set the field up to pull entry data from a separate table in the database.  (I.e. value liest, "use values from field X".)  Is there a way to restrict / filter the values that appear in the drop down list based on a separate criteria?  I.e. filter based on another field?


Ignore certain kinds of values in a search:  (This I imagine may not actually be a "minor" fix.)  For some of my fields I am entering text data in foreign languages that use short voweling systems.  It is useful to have the short vowels entered in the fields for specificity in some cases, but when I am searching I would rather that the search engine ignores those characters entirely.  For a roughly approximating example, if I enter the word "cow" for entry X, I would like entery X to come up in a search whether I search for "cw" or "cow"; I prefer that the search engine simply ignore character "o".  Is there a way to accomplish this goal without extensive back-end reprogramming?