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    Athletics High Jump event recording



      Athletics High Jump event recording


           I have a database that is used for an aths carnival and I am in the process of expanding it's functionality so that users can record event information as they go.  I have been able to create layouts so that an athlete can have their three attempts at throws and jumps but I am having difficulty trying to get my head around how I could set up a high jump recording sheet.

           Each competitor has three attempts at each height and will progress to the next height if they are successful.

           What I would prefer is for the user to be able to somehow enter the height that is to be attempted and then record the competitors attempts using checkboxes.  It would be preferable if the layout was able to be in a table type layout ie competitors names down the left side and heights across the top with the attempts recorded under each height heading.

           Would i need to use global field s as headers?

           Could anyone guide me in a direction that might start me off?  I am happy to consider alternative formats if anyone is willing to suggest one.


           Thanks in advance

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               Sounds like something that could be implemented in a portal where each attempt is a record in the portal. But that's only a guess as there isn't enough info in your post to have a clear understanding of the design of your database.

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                 There is an event table, an athlete table and a results table.


                 resulst::athleteID---> athlete::athleteID

                 I have an event layout that has a portal showing results for that event from the results table.  For the other field events I have added attempt 1, attempt2, attempt 3 fields to the records table but this won't work as there will be more than 3 attempts over the length of the event for each athlete.  I am a bit reluctant to go a record for each attempt as this (as far as I can tell) will make it difficult to see the athletes and all of their attempts at all of the heights

                 I have attempted to add a screenshot of what it looks like in a spreadsheet



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                   Where have you multiple fields within each result record, I'd use multiple records, all with the same event and athlete ID's. Then you can get as many results for a given athlete in a given event as you need. And either a single portal or a set of one row portals placed side by side to get columns of data can be used for recording the results for a given athlete or even all the athletes in a given event.

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                     Thanks Phil - I am thinking that your suggestion makes more sense then what I was trying to do. I am thinking that having a set up such as

                     Athlete, Height, Attempt 1, Attempt 2, Attempt 3, cHeight Cleared (yes/no) would work. I am having difficulty working out how I would get the best height that an athlete has achieved though.  Thanks for getting me over the first obstacle.

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                       Max ( attempt 1 ; attempt 2 ; attempt 3 ) would return the greatest value of the three fields.

                       A summary field defined in the same table or a Max function evaluating from the context of the parent table can return the best overall height.