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Athletics High Jump event recording

Question asked by tomo17 on Aug 20, 2013
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Athletics High Jump event recording


     I have a database that is used for an aths carnival and I am in the process of expanding it's functionality so that users can record event information as they go.  I have been able to create layouts so that an athlete can have their three attempts at throws and jumps but I am having difficulty trying to get my head around how I could set up a high jump recording sheet.

     Each competitor has three attempts at each height and will progress to the next height if they are successful.

     What I would prefer is for the user to be able to somehow enter the height that is to be attempted and then record the competitors attempts using checkboxes.  It would be preferable if the layout was able to be in a table type layout ie competitors names down the left side and heights across the top with the attempts recorded under each height heading.

     Would i need to use global field s as headers?

     Could anyone guide me in a direction that might start me off?  I am happy to consider alternative formats if anyone is willing to suggest one.


     Thanks in advance