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    Attach and rename a fie?



      Attach and rename a fie?


           I am creating a repository of files used within 1 deparmtent of a business.  Is there any way that I can create a script that will attach a file to an email and rename the file to match the name field of a record?  For example, a user clicks a button and a contract is attached to an email, but the contract.pdf file is renamed to JohnDoe.pdf.


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               The file to be attached shoule be inserted into a container field.

               Then Export Field Contents can be used to both make a copy of the file and to specify the name of the copy. This is done by specifying the file name and path in a variable and you then type the name of this variable into the specify file dialog instead of an actual file path.

               You can then use this same variable to attach the file to an email.