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    Attached example files



      Attached example files


      When reading answers in the forum there then and then is a link to an zipped example file.

      When opening these files I can´t "gow behind" i.ex. a Value list - I can only see that You have made one but I can´t explore it for seeing all details.

      The same is valid for a layout - I cant see which main table You have used for building the layout.


      Is there any way to open up these files totally so I can see how it´s constructed in detail ???


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      Tafe Loursen

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          Any files shared here in the forum are uploaded to a third party site and from there users download them. It's strictly up to how the originator of the file chooses to release the file as to whether or not it's design elements are accessbile or not. That said, every file I've shared and most files I've seen shared are fully accessible--though some shared by others came with a password that may have been sent out via a private message to prevent others from opening the file--but usually this means you can't even open the file without that password.

          I'd take a look at how you've downloaded the file if you can't use Manage | database to open and examine how it is designed or can't use Manage | scripts to see how the scripts were written. Files downloaded in a compressed archive such as a zip folder cannot be modified until you decompress them. Many default download locations for a web browser are automatically 'read only' locations and you have to move the file out of that folder before you can open and investigate the design of the file. You can also check the file's properties to make sure it is not set to "read only".