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attaching a document to a record Filemaker Pro 8.5

Question asked by SusanRichardson on Dec 6, 2011
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attaching a document to a record Filemaker Pro 8.5


Could someone please WALK me through the steps of attaching a document (pdf, ms word, excel, etc) to a record. As I understand it you have to use a container field, which I did. And the document did show up, but it will not open. I REALLY, really, REALLY need someone to give me instructions. As in 1. turn on computer, 2. open filemaker pro....not really that simplistic but you get the picture.


I just talked to a support person at fm pro and they said that my version is out of date and they can't help me, but he was sure you could do it in 8.5. He said something about a "button" and a "script", which is WAY  outta my realm of knowledge. (However, I do follow explicit instructions quite well) Thank everyone. Hope someone can help. Susie