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Attaching information to users

Question asked by nolak37 on Nov 25, 2009
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Attaching information to users


Is there a way to attach information to user accounts?

When I create an account for a user Id like to attach that pertons information such as address, Phone Number, Etc. This info is located on a table.


Account:             Type:           Privilage set:

Jason Bourne      FileMaker       Doctor




Doctor ID    1

Name          Jason Bourne

Address       1123 My street

Phone          555-555-1234

Practice ID   123456789



Or if there is another way to do this that would help as well.


When a doctor sees a patient they create a new record in the office visit table. On this table I have a field for Doctor ID, this lets me know which doctor saw the patient. 

Right now i have a script to insert current user which does the trick however i also need the Practice ID and that isnt inserted.


Thanks in advance.