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    Attaching PDF to e Mail



      Attaching PDF to e Mail



      I have a PDF file sitting in a container field in a single global field table. I want to be able to attach this to an email from within the same database but a different table. When I use the attacment check box in Send Mail, a request comes up for a file pathway which appears to be only for host or network file paths external to the database. Is there a particular syntax for specifying the Table::Field in my database or do I need to attach the PDF in another way? I want to keep the file within my database rather than in a directory on my Mac/PC.

      Thanks for any help.

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          You're script will need to use Export Field Contents to export the file before your send mail step can attach it. You can compute a file path and name for the file. Store it in a variable. Export the field using this variable. And then your send mail script can refer to this same variable to attach it to the email that you are sending.

          (And if the container file is always inserted with the store by reference option, you can extract the file path from the container to avoid the export field contents part of this operation.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk, that worked exactly the way I wanted!