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Attaching PDF to email by caluclation

Question asked by CarlSowden on Aug 4, 2011
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Attaching PDF to email by caluclation


Hi there.

I have a script that save Purchase Orders as a PDF file into a specific folder on my PC.

Now I want to send that specific PDF as an email attachment to a specific supplier.

I have my script set up to pull all the relevant data from my Supplier table [email address] and Purchase order table [subject line].

Now I need to attach the relevant PDF which is (purchase_order_number.PDF)

but as far as I can see there is no way to specifiy a file to attach by a calculation.

ideally, I'm thinking it would be something like:

specify attachment [filewin:/c:/Purchase orders/ & PURCHASE_ORDERS::purchase_order_number & ".pdf" 

The other approach I touhgt of was to save pdf as an email attachment.... but I'm not able to figure out how to get the data from my supplier table [email address] and purchase order table [subject line] into that email....

Is there any way to allow me do do either one of these things or any creative ways to achieve a nice automated ordering system.

basically I want an email to send, with an PDF email attachment, to the correct supplier, with the correct subjuect line and email address all with the click of one button (or use of one script) ensuring my data base remains as user friendly as possible.

Any ideas or suggestions would be amazing.... even just to get closure in this issue would be a relief at this stage.