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    Attaching readable PDF to record



      Attaching readable PDF to record


      I want to attach PDF documents to individual records in the DB so that they are readable. I know about having the icon only so as to store the document on my hard drive and not to use up too much memory, but this is not an option for a shared DB. I want to be able to attach the PDF and then have anyone (remote user) with access to that record be able to read the PDF. Now all I get in the field where I parked it is the icon, no matter what I do, and I can't open it locally either. Ideas? Work-arounds?

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          If I'm reading your question correctly - try this:


          On your container field right click and select insert object

          Then click create from file and then browse for the PDF to attach

          Check the link box and the display as icon box

          Click change icon

          Then select From File

          Delete out the name in the label so that it doesn't cover up the container field


          Anyone should be able to view the PDF by double clicking over the container field or by right clicking and selecting Edit linked Acrobat document

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               You could also create a script & button that would 'Export Field Contents'. If you also 'Specify Output File', then you can also have the script automatically open the file after it has been exported to the desktop or wherever else you want.