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    Attaching reports to FM Pro



      Attaching reports to FM Pro


      Is it possible to have scanned .pdf files attached to FM cells or tabs?

      What I'm envisioning is, a tab that would have links to the .pdf's, you click, there pops the

      scanned document.

      Am I chasing rainbows?


      Thanks for any replies!!!

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          filemaker does this really well actually.


          if its a shared database be sure to store the document(s) on a shared folder on a server


          on your client computers, set up a mapped network drive to that server share e.e. S:\ where S:\ is mapped to \\servername\sharename


          create a containerfield in your filemaker database.


          create a script to attach the file, choose the insert file script step, but tick where it says store only a reference.


          when you insert a file into te OLE field, store the file on your mapped drive.


          When you add the file it will add the following reference: S:\filename.xxx


          because everyone else on your network is using the same mapped drive, everyone will be able to open the same file, as long as it is stored and reference to the shared/mapped drive.