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Attachments - Internal to DB File or External?

Question asked by Vinny on Mar 28, 2011
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Attachments - Internal to DB File or External?



I'm looking for experience and feedback concerning how to handle attachments for my database.

I'm developing a complete ERP system for my small manufacturing business.  I'm planning to have attachment capability for products, quotes, invoices, accounts, and contacts.  I'm estimating that there will be many files, of many file types including: pictures, MS office, pdf, etc.  I plan to have the DB on a dedicated machine within our LAN.

I'm worried about the long term and the database file becoming too large if I use the standard file attachment methods built into Filemaker.

My concerns are as follows: Slow database, slow back up of database, DB corruption

I may have found some plug ins that will allow me to "attach" files, but actually store the file on the dedicated host machine.  This method will most likely require much more application logic as it will have to handle many If conditions (i.e. file or folder exists, etc.), and I will need to implement conventions for file naming, etc.

Does anyone have any guidance on this topic? Any experiences to share?

Thanks in advance for your help & support.