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Attempting a basic search script

Question asked by raykennedy on Dec 5, 2010
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Attempting a basic search script


I have attempted this basic search script. Here the steps under script manager.

Go to Layout ["TRANSACTION_report"(TRANSACTION)]

Enter Find Mode [] // Pause mode is shut off

Set Field [TRANSACTION::City; TRANSACTION::City = "Chicago"]

Perform Find[]

At this point I am activating this from the script menu for testing before I assign this to an element in the layout. It does go to the layout correctly. It goes into find mode properly. It appears to select the correct field. The problem is that it seems like it places a "0" in the field which explains why the search doesn't work. The problem is that I don't understand why it is using "0" as the value vs. "Chicago" which I am putting in that field. The field is a text field so that shouldn't be an issue.

Any ideas on why this might be happening?