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    Attempting to log user queries



      Attempting to log user queries


      So we're in the process of becoming SOX compliant. That means building audit trails for yours truly. While I have a number of things already being logged, I've run into a snag. 


      I currently have a number of common searches performed via scripts, but users still have the option to search directly from fields on the layouts. It's these freeform searches I need to log, but with 70+ fields in that table I only want to capture the field names they access and what is queried.


      My first though was to set up a calculation field:


      Calc_Field = Case(Field1 or Field2 or Field3...; Get(ActiveFieldName) & " | " & Get(ActiveFieldContents) &"¶"& Calc_Field)


      Unfortunately, I never though about it not evaluating while in find mode. Ideally I'd like to be able to store that information directly in a related table instead of having to parse it out after the fact. 


      Any thoughts?


      FMP 9.03 Adv

      OSX 10.sux