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    Attendance Walk Through



      Attendance Walk Through


      I am completely new to this and using Filemaker Pro 11.

      My husband and I own and opperate a small martial arts school and I do all of the office work.  I decided to try out Filemaker as an option for making my life simpler and also cut down on a lot of the paper that has been floating around the office.  I'm positive that there is a way to do what I want it to do, but I just don't know how to get there.

      I have mostly managed to set up a database to keep track of my students.  It includes their name, address, billing, when they are due to pay, when they need to renew, etc.

      What I have yet to figure out is a way to track ATTENDANCE.  Students have to have a minimum of 20 classes to be able to qualify to test for the next belt (as well as knowing the physical and mental requirements) and I was told that this could be kept track of as well with some kind of "script trigger" to notify me when they have had twenty classes.

      I would like to have it to where I can just go down a list on a given day/class and mark the students that were there in a checklist kind of format to keep track of it.  Again, right now this is being done on paper, but if there is a way to do it in Filemaker, I couldn't figure it out.  I DO NOT have Bento or any other program, only Filemaker, so if anyone know how I can build this and can walk me through it with a "For Dummies" version... OR can point me to a free solution that I could download to accomplish the same, it would be VERY appreciated!

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          There are probably close to a half dozen threads here in this forum that discuss one form or another of managing class attendance. You may want to enter "attendance" in the search the forum box at the top of this screen to see how others have approached this issue.

          Any such system starts with setting up tables and relationships to support tracking attendance. You might have the following tables in your database arranged in relationships similar to:



          This uses 4 data source tables:

          Students: One record for every student
          Enrollment: One Record for each student for each class they are taking
          Classes: One Record for each different class you offer to your students (Each "class could be a different martial art, different age/skill level or combination of all of these.)
          Attendance: One Record for each class session for each student.

          EnrStudents and AttStudents are two table occurrences for the same Students data source table. In like manner, EnrClasses and AttClasses are two occurrences of the Classes data source table. This is not the only way to set up manage | database | relationships to do this, but keeps your enrollment and attendance tasks as separate parts of the same database, even though they use the same class and student data.

          How close does this come to what you have?