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Attendance Walk Through

Question asked by ShannonHenry on Jan 25, 2012
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Attendance Walk Through


I am completely new to this and using Filemaker Pro 11.

My husband and I own and opperate a small martial arts school and I do all of the office work.  I decided to try out Filemaker as an option for making my life simpler and also cut down on a lot of the paper that has been floating around the office.  I'm positive that there is a way to do what I want it to do, but I just don't know how to get there.

I have mostly managed to set up a database to keep track of my students.  It includes their name, address, billing, when they are due to pay, when they need to renew, etc.

What I have yet to figure out is a way to track ATTENDANCE.  Students have to have a minimum of 20 classes to be able to qualify to test for the next belt (as well as knowing the physical and mental requirements) and I was told that this could be kept track of as well with some kind of "script trigger" to notify me when they have had twenty classes.

I would like to have it to where I can just go down a list on a given day/class and mark the students that were there in a checklist kind of format to keep track of it.  Again, right now this is being done on paper, but if there is a way to do it in Filemaker, I couldn't figure it out.  I DO NOT have Bento or any other program, only Filemaker, so if anyone know how I can build this and can walk me through it with a "For Dummies" version... OR can point me to a free solution that I could download to accomplish the same, it would be VERY appreciated!