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Audio from folder played via FMPA 14 web viewer (problem)

Question asked by mendocinotim on Jun 6, 2015
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Audio from folder played via FMPA 14 web viewer (problem)


This is best explained if I just show you what's involved in this issue through a screen capture movie.
This is 6 minutes long (so be warned)..

I forgot to show the web viewer code in the movie.

Here's the code for the one that is working..

"data:text/html,¶" &
"<audio controls=\"controls\"><source src=\"" & "file://" & Shows::SINGLEShowFilePlayer & "\" type=\"audio/mp3\" /></audio>"



And this is the second one 'which does not work..

"data:text/html,¶" &
"<audio controls=\"controls\"><source src=\"" & "file://" & Shows::MULTIshowSelectedSeg & "\" type=\"audio/mp3\" /></audio>"



It's odd that one works, while the other one doesn't.
I have tested the calculated path in the finder, and it does indeed point directly to the audio files, and the play fine in the finder; but not in the web viewer.

I am quite bewildered about this, and am hoping someone will spot what I might be doing wrong here.