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Audio Patching Sheet

Question asked by BenHarris on Jul 4, 2010
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Audio Patching Sheet


I am relatively new to the FileMaker platform, and let me start by saying what an amazing and powerful piece of software it is!  

I currently have an excel spreadsheet that we are using to coordinate the stage patching for an audio company I work for.  The patch sheet has a main input list which displays, in order, where a certain instrument will show up on the main snake line.  It also has a field which displays which sub-snake box that channel is coming from. We have four subsnake boxes: green, yellow, blue and red, which are fed to the main snake box and then go to the respective audio console.  In the spreadsheet you type the respective color and subsnake number in the SUB column of the main patch list.  IE: to specify input 1 as a signal coming from yellow subsnake input #1, you would type Y1, for yellow subsnake input #2, you would specify Y2, etc.  After you specify the subsnake input, the appropriate subsnake is automatically populated with the main snake input number and instrument label.

I am looking for a way to accomplish this same thing with FileMaker.  We currently run our business on filemaker, using it to book shows, rentals, keep track of repairs, clients, scheduling etc, so I am trying to implement this module into our current system.

What would the best way to go about accomplishing this goal?  I am a relative newbie when it comes to filemaker and would welcome and help or advice you can give.  I've included links to both our original patch sheet and the filemaker file in which I started tinkering with.  I may be going at this the entirely wrong way.  

Excel version:

FM version:

Thanks for everything.