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Audio/sound player container issue in IWP

Question asked by Cowan on Jan 22, 2013


Audio/sound player container issue in IWP


     I'm having an incredibly frustrating issue with the use of audio files in container fields in the instant web publishing feature of FM Pro Adv. 12. 

     I have inserted both mp3s and wav files in interactive container fields into my database and these play fine as such on the computer. They are not stored as references. 

     When I view the record online via the IWP platform in both Google Chrome and Firefox, the field contains the filename of the audio file as a link to the file. When clicked, the user can download the file.

     According to the FileMaker IWP guide p31, audio files should be rendered as interactive media players depending on the configuration of a user's browser. The last thing we want is the ability of users to download these files.

     The problem seems to be a communication issue between the IWP rendering of the layout and the browser - there must be a missing step where the browser should be interpreting the file as playable within its existing media plugins. 

     Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!