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    Audiobook tracking solution



      Audiobook tracking solution


      I want to come up with simple audiobook tracking solution, where i could input tracks i've listened in the particular date, and then i could summarize and total either books i've listened with dates and/or audiobook count.

      As I imagine, core table should be AUTHOR (as author can have many books written) (parent field - AUTHORID)

      then - BOOK (title, year, genre, parent field - BOOKID (auto-enter serial number))

      then, I believe, it would be right to have table TRACKS, and therefore I could link track titles and their length to AUDIOBOOK using BOOKID field.

      I need only those features:

      1) Ability to view books of the particular author (related records from BOOK, and then related to TRACKS, so i could see total length of the book in hours:minutes). I believe I'm not going to have a problem doing it myself.

      2) "Tricky part" - "Add listened track" feature, where i could input: Author, Book, Track, Date listened. the "trick" in this part lies in the following, that since the book is not fully listened, it would be marked as not completed. I mean. Book consists of 8 tracks. I listened 3 tracks today and 2 tracks yesterday. 5/8 completed. In the total feature it should list a track, but when it comes to sub-summary field on the top "Books per week" - it would display zero until it's fully completed.

      My concerns lay mostly on the layout. It can either be like this:

      1 Author - Book title - 58:47


      1 Author - Book title - Track 1 - 41:10

      2 Author - Book title - Track 2 - 17:37


      I believe my explanation is quite complex, but the irony of that is I want as simple as possible solution, being able to list all the tracks i've listened in any particular date/week/month and have totals.

      As most of you are probably more experienced than me in database solution creation, please, tell me the most convenient way of achieving this.

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          Will you listen to the same tracks/books just once or more than one?

          If just once, you can add fields to your tracks field to record when and if you have listened to it. If more than once, you need one more table where you record the ID of the track and when you have listened to it.

          If you record the date listened in the tracks table, you can compare a count of the number of related records with a date in tracks to the number of tracks for a given book to determine if it has been fully listened to. If you use a "listened" table, you'll need to include a date in the relationship used to count the tracks listened to.